Going Green can add beauty to your home and money in your pocket

“Greening” your home can add to the beauty of your home while putting money back into your pocket. Attached is information from the US Building Green council describing 16 ways to Green your home. Some require no money outlay, just simple sweat equity. Others involve proper maintenance of your mechanical equipment which you will receive a return on your investment by having your equipment (Air Conditioning and Heating System) running more efficiently. Behavior modification can result in Going Green while saving money. Timers on lights, installing CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights), timers on your lights, water collection systems, and the list can go on. Installing new plantings will make your home look more beautiful while increasing the curb appeal resulting in either or both increase in property value and possibly a faster sale of your home. Go Green and enjoy your home with extra money in your pocket.

Download “16 WAYS TO GREEN YOUR HOME” Factsheet

James Lebair, GCP

NARI Green Certified Professional

JRL Design, Inc.

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