Bucks Mont NARI High Performance Education Programs

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James Lebair is now the Education Chairperson for Bucks Mont NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry).  James, with the assistance of many of the talented Bucks Mont NARI members, will be spearheading various education programs and training sessions throughout the coming year.  They will include CEU programs, Chapter Meeting Presentations, Study Groups for NARI High Performance Remodeling Certifications and monthly “High Performance Remodeling Tips for the Day.”

Bucks Mont NARI, through continuing education, assists it’s members in being up to date on the latest High Performance Remodeling Techniques that use the Whole House Approach to Reducing Energy, Improving the Indoor Environment and Safety, and Greater Home Comfort resulting in Beautiful and Aesthetically Appealing home.

Remember that NARI members are the most informed remodelers in the industry and up-to-date on the constant changes in product and installation techniques. Continuing education is one of the cornerstones of NARI members, as well as implementing sound business practices.  Please check out our Bucks Mont NARI Websit,  http://nariofbucks-mont.memberlodge.org/page-1270105,  to find some of the best train and most professional High Performance Remodelers, Trades, and Suppliers in the Delaware Valley.

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