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Kitchen Ventilation

One of the most forgotten but most important aspects of a kitchen remodel is the proper ventilation.  It’s effect on your health, comfort and, most important, safety is tremendous.  The proper selection of a ventilation hood will address:

  • Capture grease for safe removal
  • Removal and Exhausting of naturally rising gases
  • Less accumulation of particulates on surfaces throughout your home

Types of Kitchen Hood Ventilation Filtration Systems Include:

  • Baffle
    • High Speed/ Higher Noise Level/Most Effective
    • Lower Speed/Lower Noise Level/ Less effective
  • Mesh filter
    • Restrictive: The more grease collected, less effective removing gases
  • Centrifuge – Centrifugal Filtration System
    • Grease Removed Centrifugally
    • More effective Gas Removal

Kitchen Hood Centrifugal Blower

Check out the Vent-A-Hood Magic Lung Centrifugal Filtration System YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=PAMKlQ930TYBetter Removal of Gases


In my up coming Blogs, I will address how to determine the proper amount of ventilation (CFM) and the proper clearances around the Kitchen Hood.

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