Earth Day 2014 Schedule An Energy Audit and Win – Win!

April 22nd is 2014 Earth Day.  What better time to schedule an Energy Audit with JRL Design, Inc.  Not only will you be presented with ways to save Energy and Money, you will be able to improve your Comfort, Safety and Indoor Environment Quality.

Our Certified BPI (Building Performance Institute) Specialist will evaluate your home’s Energy Efficiency, Safety and Indoor Air Quality making recommendations for improvements.  JRL Design, Inc. will then develop a High Performance Service Package preparing a game plan and proposal.

Contribute to our Earth by improving your Carbon Footprint and schedule a BPI Energy Audit.  And don’t forget to consider an Electric Vehicle as well.  James Lebair has by purchasing two PHEVs (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and one Focus All Electric car cutting his fuel bill by 66%.   Have a great Earth Day!

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