Green/Sustainable Remodeling: Part 1, Introduction

Green/Sustainable Remodeling can bring many thoughts to mind.

1) I am not a “tree hugger” and am more concerned with the esthetics and functionality when remodeling my home.

2) I have a budget that will not allow me to use green/sustainable remodeling practices with regards to my material selection and methods.

3) I want to invest in using green/sustainable practices when ever possible in all phases of my project.

Over the coming months, I will present a series of blogs discussing the use of Green/Sustainable Remodeling practices and how they will save you money, enhance your health, improve the esthetics of your home and improve the environment in the world around us.  I will refer to many resources including the City of Seattle’s Remodeling Guides.  I have included the link to their website below.  If you have any questions or specific topics you would like me to include, please add a comment to the blog.  Let’s add some green to our world and to our pockets. greenbuilding/singlefamily residential/resources/ remodelingguides/default.asp

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