Home Automation: Have fun while saving money

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Lutron Radio RA2 system installed in Bryn Mawr Kitchen controlling 4 zones with 6 scenes

Do you want to some fun saving money on your energy bill?  There are many home automation options and it can be very overwhelming.  Where does one start?  Start small and grow!  Lutron has a control series known as the Maestro wireless series. They offer stand-a-lone devices that can adapt to a single area in your home including the kitchen, bathroom, family room, laundry room and more.  They include dimmers and motion sensors that can be used to save energy and money.  Lutron also offers a more advance system, the Lutron RadioRA2.  This will require a qualified home automation person performing an analysis of your needs, designing a system and having a professional installation.  Another home automation system that one may consider is the NEXIA Home Intelligence system.  This offers a remote, internet access and uses your home internet connection.  You can but a starter bundle that will include the Bridge that connects the wireless devices that you install in your home to control lighting, HVAC, security and more.

I have purchased and installed both the NEXIA starter bundle system and several Lutron Maestro  dimmers and motion sensors.  I am experimenting with them in my home office and HVAC.  I can walk into my office with the lights going on automatically and leave with them turning off automatically based upon a motion sensor.  I am setting up my main HVAC to set back during the day to a lower temperature and automatically turn on a small heater in my office while I am working.  I will be heating one room instead of the entire home during the day.

Start small, have some fun and save money.  Are you interested in more information or a consultation?  Please call (215-885-9471) or send me an email (info@jrldesigninc.com) and I’ll be happy to discuss your energy management needs.

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Lutron Radio RA2 System, Bryn Mawr Kitchen
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Lutron Radio RA2 System, Bryn Mawr Kitchen

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