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With the end of the summer season, we turn our remodeling efforts towards preparing our homes for the winter. Insulating your home properly is one of the best was to save money and to create a Green Home using best sustainable practices. Attached is information regarding various types of insulation, their respective R Values and where they are best used. Note that the effectiveness of any insulation relies heavily on air infiltration.

This requires all point of air infiltration be sealed prior to the installation of insulation. Many like the spray foam insulation because they help obtain the best infiltration seal will having very good R values with each inch of foam installed.

Further research is recommend on what meets your budgetary requirements, expected length of stay in your present home, and the return of investment. Have a warm, energy efficient and Green Winter!

Download Insulation Basics Energy Fact Sheet 

James Lebair, GCP

NARI Green Certified Professional

JRL Design, Inc.

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