“It’s a Quality of Life Issue!”

JRL Design, Inc., 

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“It’s A Quality of Life Issue!”

JRL Design, Inc. has just added one PHEV (Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle) to our fleet and for our personal use.  They are both produced by Ford and include the C-Max Energi and the Fusion Energi.  Both cars are comfortable, stylish, very functional and fun to drive.

They average approximately 44 mpg in the Hybrid mode and over 100 mpge in the electric mode.  Over the past two months, we are averaging a combine 67 mpg/mpge.  My costs to charge per equivalent mpg are $0.90 for electric vs. $3.75 for gas.  This is a significant savings.  If you do the math, the tax credits, gas savings (my anticipated savings based on 15,000 miles annually will be approximately $150.00 per month times two vehicles) and maintenance cost savings make these vehicles become competitively priced as compared to similar, gas only vehicles.

I have also installed a Level 2 charging station at my home (a 30% tax credit on the station and all installation costs is also available), allowing me to charge the car multiple times during the day.  My combine mpg/mpge continues to increase the more I faithfully charge the vehicle.

JRL Design, Inc. continues to incorporate the latest technology in all phases of our business and personal life.  Everything we do saves energy.  We believe caring for the environmental improves the quality of Life

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