James Lebair, JRL Design, Inc. Presents High Performance Webinar

National Association for the Remodeling Industry invited James Lebair to present a webinar, High Performance Remodeling Packages That Sell Themselves, on April 17th.  As a leader in the in High Performance Remodeling Industry, James brought his knowledge and expertise describing how in addition to  designing and constructing a beautiful Kitchen, Bathroom or Custom Cabinetry, remodelers must include the use of building science.   This enables the customer to have an energy efficient, comfortable, healthy and safe environment in their new space.

Ambler High Performance Bathroom Remodel

Example of a High Performance moisture barrier material, “RedGuard,” used to manage moisture that penetrates behind tile.

Ambler High Performance Bathroom Remodel

James describes JRL Design, Inc. as a remodeler that provides a suite of High Performance services that Sustain and Adapt to the Whole House Approach to Reducing Energy and Improving the Quality of your Indoor Environment.  “We improve your quality of life.”

Fieldstone High Performance Kitchen, Warminster, PA

James presented several case studies demonstrating the need for remodelers to add the knowledge and expertise of Building Science/High Performance to all the projects.  He stressed the importance of having a Home Energy Audit performed by a BPI Specialist prior to the start of any remodeling project.  It will not only address Energy Savings in the customers home but will address comfort, health and safety. James’s customers have truly appreciated the advantages of a High Performance remodeler and these benefits they gain in their home.

Ambler High Performance Bathroom Remodel

James was also feature in the Qualified Remodeler Magazine’s February issue (http://www.forresidential pros.com/article/11300220/ intelligent-design) in an article titled ” Intelligent Design.”   

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